Thursday, April 13, 2017

ELBL News letter - April 2017

Alright everyone.
Well it's been a crazy old time at ELBL HQ, Nature Reserve was pretty well received overall, so a big thanks to everyone that has supported the band so far, it really is appreciated more than I could explain.
Given the budget for the album was nonexistent and was pretty much made in the age old approach of favours, charity and prayer, so it turned out well all things considered. A lot of the success of the MASSIVE sound of the album has to be put at the feet of ELBL drum overlord John Barrett who's machine like percussion powers the juggernaut along. One big eye opener, no press agent budget, literally no press or radio play, which is a shame, got a message off Stuart Maconie, who didn't even know we have a new record out.
What happened to the hive mind of the internet? Was the Matrix all bullshit...No need to answer :)
I've been experimenting with a solo set these last few months, for one old guy it sounds pretty epic. Maybe I'll take it on the road at some point this year, if you close your eyes it even sounds like a band :)
Album sessions have begun for the next long player, tentatively titled Deep Space Lullabies, it looks like it's quite a different beast from what has come before. The music must always evolve right? No sense in treading water.
Stay Cool children of the Lights.

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